Planning a fitting funeral reception and finding a venue

Funerals are almost always solemn and emotional events, and whilst respects are paid and goodbyes are given, it is often the funeral reception that provides for comfort.

This is far from surprising, however, as such events can be defined by positivity, where family and friends can gather to console one another and where fond memories and happy stories can be shared about the deceased. Equally it’s also a chance for those who may not have seen each other for a while to catch up – and where food and drink can be shared within what is a positive atmosphere.

Yet planning a funeral reception needn’t be an imposing challenge – here we walk you through the process step by step.

Finding a funeral reception venue

There are no hard and fast rules as to where a funeral reception should be held – and it really comes down to the size of the party, whilst also considering what can be afforded and what may be practical in terms of the location.

The venue may be within a church hall or parish room (such as was usual in the past); however as traditions have moved on, so too have funeral reception venues, and today it is more common for them to take place within more contemporary settings, such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, village halls and community centres.

Shortlisting your venues

Once you’ve tacked down the details of what you need from a venue, and made list of the possibilities, the following key questions can help you in deciding which will be best for your needs:

  • What is the cost of each venue?
  • Is there parking and disabled facilities?
  • Do they have enough staff to look after the guests?
  • Do they serve food and drink, or will I need to arrange this elsewhere?

Personalising your venue

A nice way of paying homage to the deceased is to choose a venue with them in mind; you may like to choose their local pub, the venue where their wedding reception was held or somewhere which provides a view over where they may have lived all of their life. Small touches such as this are a nice way of personalising a funeral reception.

Funeral receptions on a stringent budget

For those who are arranging a funeral reception on a particularly tight budget, the following ideas may well be ones worth exploring:

  • Small clubs and bars may hire you a room free from cost so long as the party has a minimum number of guests;
  • Hire a church or community hall – such venues tend to warrant only a small hire charge which can often be less than £100.
  • You might also want to consider hosting the party from your, or another person’s home (although you should be prepared for the tidying up and what can be exhausting hosting tasks on top of what is already a stressful day).

Find Local Funeral Reception Venues to Suit all Budgets

Find a funeral reception venue that meets both your needs, as well as your budget through our dedicated venue search page to actively search through all venues.

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