Practical guide to organising a funeral

Organising a funeral can be one of the most difficult of challenges, during undoubtedly one of the most emotional of times; in order to overcome this we take a practical, step-by-step approach to our advice, so you can literally check items off of your list as you arrange a funeral that is befitting of your loved one.

Funeral Costs

Funeral costs, that today have experienced unprecedented rises, can be an intimidating topic for anyone arranging a loved one’s final send off. In this guide we take a look at the average costs of funerals and explain how there may be financial help available for those who need it.

Funeral Directors

Funeral directors should act as a reassuring pair of hands during what can be both a tense and emotional period. They will help you in choosing the main elements of the funeral, as well as providing clam guidance and support when you need it most. For more information on choosing between funeral directors and the types of services that they offer, read our dedicated guide to Funeral Directors.

Do-it-yourself Funeral

Do-It-Yourself funerals can be as involved, or as subtle as you wish; from arranging everything and taking care of the deceased, to handling the transportation or other elements without the help of the funeral director. Our guide talks you through the concept and explains why they’re becoming ever more popular.

Burial options:

Traditional Burial

Traditional Burials typically involve many common elements, such as a wake, ceremony, eulogy and burial, yet all of these elements are by no means ‘typical’, with each funeral defined by those who arrange the event. In our guide we take a fresh look at what it means to choose a traditional burial, providing insight into making a funeral completely personal to the deceased.

Green Burial

With a world that becomes ever more concerned about the impact we have upon the environments in which we live, it’s unsurprising that Green burials have gained real ground in recent years. Consisting of considerations for everything from the bio-durable coffin, to green burial sites.

Burial at Sea

Choosing to bury a loved one at sea is nether as impractical nor as expensive as one may imagine and can either cater for those wishing to be cremated or buried within a coffin. Read more about how you can plan for burial at sea at one of the two dedicated UK coastal regions of East Sussex (between Hastings and Newhaven), or the Isle of Wight (off The Needles) in our complete guide.


Cremation is now the most popular form of funeral and can allow a loved one to keep their deceased family member’s or friend’s remains close to them. The practicalities of cremation funerals are not so different from those of a burial, only that you must consider where the service is to be held, and whether this offers an in-house cremation facility, or whether the service and cremation should be held in separate locations.

Read about Arranging a Cremation FAQs

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