Finding the ideal Memorial Masons

Following the funeral and long after the funeral reception there often lies but a singular, permanent tribute to the person who you've just lost: their headstone. Because of this the choice of headstone, and who you’ll entrust with just such a task, are rightly important decisions to be made. In this guide we tell you all about how you can find the ideal Memorial Masons who’ll create and install a headstone that befits the deceased – leaving you, and your friends and family, with both a place to visit and remember, whilst equally paying homage to the life, loves and memories of the person who is gone but not forgotten.

Key considerations for choosing a Memorial Masons

The reputation of Memorial Masons should proceed them, and the number of years that they've even in business may also act as an indicator of a service well delivered. Belonging to the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), a body that regulates the industry may also be another indicator of a Memorial Masons that takes their business incredibly seriously.

Lastly, you may want to read previous customer testimonials which may be available upon their website, and consider the range of options that the Memorial Masons can provide you with (particularly if you’re seeking to create a rather more unique headstone).

Using the Funeral Services Guide for Choosing a Memorial Masons

The Funeral Services Guide is home to a directory of Memorial Masons that span the length and breadth of the country; amongst the companies listed here you’ll find businesses that range from the small family run outfit to the larger, national names that you’ll likely recognise.

Organisation membership to take note of

There are two organisations that a Memorial Masons may belong to, with these being the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) and the National Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers (NAMM). The defining difference between the two is that the former outlines standard working practices to adhere to, whilst NAMM go beyond this to also verify that their members hold official NVQ/City and Guilds qualifications.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a service from a company or individual who is both verified as being professionally qualified, as well as accredited by BRAMM, you should consider choosing a provider who is a member of NAMM.

British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM)

BRAMM serve as a network of accredited monumental masons and registered fixers; each and every business that is a member of this network must meet the stringent BRAMM Code of Business and Working Practice.

Address: BRAMM Office, 8 The Crescent, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4EA. Telephone: 01788 544963


National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM)

All NAMM members’ work is guaranteed for quality, stability and fitting of the final product. NAMM also provide a searchable database of their members, which spans memorial fixers, installers and erectors. Each business or individual that they list have undertaken professional qualifications (NVQ/City & Guilds). They are additionally verified as working to the standards of the BRAMM Code of Working Practice, and most specifically as these apply to headstone, and headstone base work.

Address: NAMM, 1 Castle Mews, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2XL. Telephone: 01788 542264


Moving on to choosing the type of Monumental Memorial

Headstones are available in an extensive array of options, with different materials, colours, inscriptions, shapes and designs. As a starting point, you may want to choose the material and move on from there (with materials including: marble, high gloss granite, slate and increasingly, nowadays, natural, local stone); you may also want to visit a Memorial Masons to browse their most popular choices in-person. What is becoming decidedly more popular is the range of designs and features that can personalise a headstone, this can include the addition of inscribed pictures, choice of colours for the fonts, inscriptions that are personalised, rather than traditional and the inclusion of a photo of the deceased.

Time-scales and expectations

If you've not previously ordered a headstone then you may well be surprised at how long your order takes to complete (although you should be advised of time-scales at the point of ordering). Generally speaking however you should expect a headstone to take anywhere from several weeks up to numerous months to complete. This will also depend upon things such as the availability of the materials and the complexity of the design and inscription.

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