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Today there exists an incredible array of burial produces that cater for every budget, every person’s taste and even each individual’s preferences; from the traditional to the decidedly modern and ranging from the superior quality to those that fit in with the more modest budget - the choice before you is no doubt an expansive one. In fact, it may be so expansive that you struggle to choose between the seemingly never ending options at hand. To help you make sense of these, and to ensure that you’re fully informed as to your options when choosing what is an inherently important element of any funeral, here we explain just what’s available today, and for whom they may be perfectly suited to.

Burial products: Getting to grips with your budget

First and foremost it’s important to decide upon a budget. Traditional coffins are generally included within the cost of a funeral director’s services (which, on average come in at £4267 – covering the storage of the deceased, the hearse and staff on the day of the funeral [Money Advice Service]); we provide further general price guides in each of the subsections below.

Traditional coffins

Traditional coffins are those that are constructed from wood and finished with brass, silver or other metal fixtures; of all the burial products listed here, these typically cost the most, however due to the sheer range of these coffins, the prices for them do differ drastically. Here’s a summary of the average prices, as reported by WhatPrice.co.uk:

  • Pine Coffin: £300;
  • Luxury Coffin: £750;
  • Willow Coffin: £1000.

Cost effective options


Eco-friendly coffins are not only kind for the planet, but they are also kind for your budget. They also prove to be a popular option for cremation, as they’re constructed from cardboard. That said they have still been designed with aesthetics in mind, and also come in an array of options in terms of shape and handle adornments.

The average cardboard coffin costs around £90. You can read more about eco-friendly funerals, such as natural funerals and woodland burials, in our guide.

Creative coffins

For some, a creative coffin option may feel at odds with the usually sombre atmosphere that funerals create, yet others believe funerals should involve an element of celebration and thankfulness at a person’s life. What’s more increasing numbers of people are planning ahead for funerals with a difference, with many choosing to demonstrate their personality through creative coffins that are overlaid with print, or even customised with their own photos – something that serves as a reminder of the memories of a life, rather than the circumstances of a person’s death. Do-it-yourself packs Do-it-yourself coffin packs are a growing realm of burial products, and today you can find everything from a coffin that allows for painting, to those that are embroidered, and finishing upon fabric

Do-It-yourself coffin packs.

They also extend to include eco-coffins that can be constructed at home (such as cardboard coffins) as well as the more expensive of options, such as curved wooden coffins.

Find your burial product provider

Our on-site business directory is home to an array of various burial product providers, spanning eco-friendly, creative and traditional coffins, and covering companies throughout the UK.

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