Choosing funeral flowers: ideas & inspiration for floral tributes

Finding a suitable florist is one of the many tasks involved in arranging a funeral, whether you are guided by the funeral directors’ recommendation or decide to commission a florist yourself. Our aim, at the Funeral Services, is to help you choose the most suitable funeral flowers for your circumstances.

Tips for choosing funeral flowers

Selecting a floral theme and the most appropriate style of flower arrangements requires careful thought and consideration; this is where the advice and guidance of a professional florist who specialises in funeral floral tributes can prove invaluable. An experienced florist will be more than happy to talk you through the various options and floral packages available. Importantly, any reputable florist will always take the time to listen carefully to your individual requirements to ensure that your final tribute is thoughtfully personalised and perfect in every detail.

Choosing funeral flowers: ideas & inspiration to set the tone

Ideas for floral tributes

Essentially, the design of the and style of the floral arrangements chosen to dress the coffin and hearse are determined by personal preferences as well as such practical matters as the size of the coffin. The aim is to choose flowers that reflect the age, personality and fond memories of the deceased. Other issues such as the type and style of funeral involved (e.g. traditional or contemporary) also play a central role.

Types of floral tributes

Suggestions for floral tributes include: bouquets, posies, shaped arrangements (e.g. crosses, hearts, teardrops, chaplets, pillows, teddy bears, letters, names, personalised emblems or symbols, etc.), sprays (single or doubled ended), tied sheaves and traditional wreaths (the latter being symbolic of eternal life).

Ideas & inspiration for choosing funeral flowers

When selecting flowers for a funeral, be guided by the chosen funeral format as well as the wishes and desires of those nearest and dearest. Traditional types of funeral flowers in various colours which are always well-received include: carnations (white to signify truth, red for passion); chrysanthemums (white is particularly popular and symbolises truth and honesty); roses (generally accepted as the most beautiful floral tribute of all); irises (symbolise hope and faithfulness); Calla lilies, Oriental or Asiatic (represent innocence, purity and enlightenment).

More unusual suggestions for choosing funeral flowers with a contemporary twist include: delphiniums, green anthuriums, hydrangeas, orchids, strelitzia (also known as bird of paradise flowers) and sunflowers.

Above all, however, the flowers you choose should pay a profound and heartfelt tribute to the unique personality of the deceased.

Practical Advice

Finally, and on a practical note, do ask your funeral service provider to recommend a florist in your area who has local knowledge of any regional cemetery, crematorium or funeral parlour restrictions.

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