Gravetending Services

Taking care of our loved one’s final resting place is the one thing that we’re still able to do for our relative or friend long after the funeral service has taken place. An essential service to help you do this is that of a gravetenders, who may provide services ranging from basic cleaning to letter inscription, to ensure that a grave looks as well-kept as possible. In this guide we take a look at gravetending services, explaining exactly what they are and what you should expect from such a company.

What are gravetending services?

Gravetending services are far and wide ranging; typical services that a gravetending company may provide include:

  • The sale and care of graveside ornaments
  • General memorial maintenance
  • Grave tending plans that can carry out monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual maintenance

Specialist services

Some Gravetenders may be able to undertake, or arrange for a stonemason to undertake, the following work:

Repairing and renovating lettering Grave inscriptions

Gravetending services: How it works

Generally whilst the services above fall under the category of gravetending, it is perhaps more common for this service to be a more general one that involves a set number of visits by the service provider to the graveside. Typically such companies may offer visits to the graveside of between one and twelve times per year, with services including:

  • Inspecting the grave for issues, such as lettering in need of repair;
  • Seasonal care and cleaning of the gravestone;
  • Planting of seasonal bulbs;
  • Grass cutting, cleaning and water replenishing services;
  • Fresh poesy of flowers following each visit alongside a personalised card.

The Gravetending plan

Should you choose to use a gravetending service the company in question will work with you to put together a gravetending plan (or care plan description). This acts as a list of expectations and will outline the exact services that the company in question will provide. Most specifically it will list:

  • The Stone: What cleaning is included and how they will finish the clean (such as polishing);
  • The plot: General up keeping tasks that will be undertaken;
  • The ground: What trimming will take place, what shrub, bush or tree care will be provided;
  • Flowers and vases: How these will be cleaned and finished, as well as whether flowers will be left and how often;
  • Photographic report: Whether the company will send you a before and after photo to demonstrate their work.

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