Remembrance products: benches, jewellery

Coming to terms with the death of a loved one, particularly in the first few weeks and months following the funeral, when emotions are raw, can prove overwhelming as we struggle to give expression to our often unspoken grief.

Reassuringly, however, one of the simplest and most effective ways of externalising our sorrow is to focus on the continuing celebration of the life of the much missed person, with a tangible and enduring memorial tribute.

Furthermore, in an ever changing and increasingly complex society, the opportunities to pay such a lasting tribute with personalised remembrance products and memorial keepsakes have never been greater.

Remembrance tributes often speak louder than words

In many ways, purchasing fitting remembrance products enables us to keep the memories of our loved ones alive in a day-to-day setting; but it can also help us to move on, in the knowledge that we are continuing to celebrate the deceased person’s life in an enduringly special manner.

Permanent memorials & keepsakes

Ideas for meaningful remembrance items include:

Remembrance Film/DVD:

A compilation of the person’s life story with video clips, images and photographs, etc., make a moving tribute to a loved one and a powerful way of keeping their memories alive. This type of memorial product is available online, with remembrance film service providers on hand to tailor the tribute to your specific requirements.

Benches / Plaques / Signposts:

A memorial bench, engraved plaque or signpost offer one of the most comforting and permanent ideas for a remembrance tribute. Typically made of oak or other durable materials, the bench, plaque or signpost could be placed in a favourite quiet, ‘beauty spot’, once enjoyed by the deceased.

Bud vases:

Remembrance bud vases were traditionally placed at gravesides, but are now more frequently found on display in the home. Usually made from bone china or porcelain, a bud vase incorporating a photograph frame / memorial plaque with an inscription of your choice makes an uplifting and personal memorial or a thoughtful sympathy gift for someone who has recently been bereaved.


Exquisite pieces of jewellery crafted from a delicate process involving fusing minuscule amounts of the cremated ashes with crystal glass pays a beautiful and enduring tribute to a loved one; keep their memories close to your heart, at all times.


Setting up a tribute website offers a wonderful way of celebrating someone’s life, as well as helping to express and share treasured personal memories of a loved one. Remembrance website service providers will guide you through a simple step-by-step process, so that you can be up and running in no time. Write a permanent online tribute, share fond memories with friends and relatives, update information and add pictures, on a regular basis, etc.

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