Memorials & Remembrance Services

Following the relatively frantic arranging of a funeral and the extensive To-Do lists that are involved when arranging someone’s final affairs the sudden situation of having nothing to organise can lead to a feeling of emptiness and a confrontation of delayed grief.

To fill this void, and to celebrate one’s life, rather than mourn them, there lies a world of options for lasting memorials and fitting remembrance services.

Finding the ideal Memorial Masons Monumental Masons

provide particularly skilled services for the most important of memorials, including gravestones and in-laid plaques. Due to the nature of this work it is of course vital that you carefully source the right company or individual to provide such a service, and within our guide we’ll tell you how to do just that, and what costs are typically associated with each service.

Scattering Cremation Ashes: Information & Options

The decision as to where to scatter ashes can be one of the most poignant, however without having specific instructions as to where the deceased wished to have as their final resting place the sheer choice of options can be both confusing, as well as a matter of debate between family members. Within our guide we talk through these issues and provide guidance on choosing the perfect plan for scattering the ashes of your nearest and dearest.

Gravetending Services

Visiting a loved one’s grave is a way of feeling closer to those who have passed, but for many, in a world where families live further apart than ever before, up keeping a grave can prove to be logistically impossible. This is where Gravetending services can step in, ensuring that a loved one’s resting place can be given the attention that it deserves to ensure it is well maintained throughout the seasons. Within this guide we introduce you to the topic of Gravetending services, explaining just what you should expect from a company that provides this service and how you may go about sourcing a Gravetending company.

Remembrance Ceremonies: Tributes and Memorial Services

Paying tribute to those who have passed should provide for comfort for those who are left behind, as well as paying respect to the individual who has deceased. Yet with an array of choices in terms of venues, events and memorial services the options before you can seem impossible to choose from, particularly when creating a personalised affair. Within our guide we discuss a step by step approach to the arranging of the perfect remembrance ceremony, ensuring every element is tailored to the person whom you are celebrating and fondly remembering.

Remembrance Products: Benches and Jewellery

Remembrance products can bring both comfort and hope to those who are morning the loss of a loved one and today the range of options for such products are more expansive than ever, including the traditional, such as benches and jewellery, as well as the more unique of products that have emerged recently. Within this guide we discuss the range of remembrance products that are available, covering costs and debating the benefits of each.

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