Preparing the Funeral Ceremony

Preparing a funeral ceremony can be an incredibly daunting prospect, as well as one that is misleadingly complex, where seemingly simple tasks turn into ones that are complicated by a plethora of service providers, venue options and the logistics of organising guests that must move from service to wake and be informed every step of the way. Here’s a summary of the articles we've written to help the individual when planning a funeral ceremony.

Ceremony types According to Belief

Religious Funerals

Arranging a funeral ceremony is never an easy task, however this becomes even more so when there are religious considerations to be made, particularly where you may not share the same religion as the recently deceased. Within this guide we talk you through the process of doing justice to your loved one’s belief, alongside the help that may be provided by those from within the religion.

Civil Funerals

Civil funereal have experienced a real resurgence in popularity, and are defined by following the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased, rather than the religious beliefs by those who may be conducting the funeral. They may be well suited to those who have outlined their funeral wishes beforehand, or whom weren’t religious. Humanist Funerals Humanist funerals are, in many respects, similar to civil ceremonies in that they do not feature any faith. However they can be considered as an occasion that focusses upon a celebration of life, rather than the mourning of a death.

Funeral Etiquette

Etiquette within any walk of life can appear to be a mysterious topic, where many people have different takes on social graces. However following etiquette may be no more important than within the realm of a funeral service; our guide will help ensure that you are well versed on the do’s and don'ts"" of the most sensitive of all occasions.


Transport must be considered on many fronts come the day of the funeral, from the immediate family and their hearse following car, to catering for the elderly and infirm who may otherwise struggle to travel to the funeral. Read about arranging transport for a funeral.

Ideas and Inspiration for a Personal touch

Every funeral arranger wants to make the final send-off of their loved one an inherently special one, where memories are recounted and the person is remembered with love despite the midst of grief. However finding individual ways of introducing a personal touch to a funeral may seem difficult and so we’ve created a complete list of initial ideas for introducing a little personalisation into your funeral planning.

Funeral Tributes

Covering how to organise floral tributes and how you can compose a written tribute. Dove release A guide that discusses the reasons behind releasing white doves and a list of service providers who offer funeral dove release.

Music and musicians

Our article describes how you can choose appropriate funeral music and whether you should consider musicians; we also discuss how funeral directors can help you organise the funeral music for you.

Choosing Funeral Flowers

Suggestions for themes and varieties of funeral flowers to suit the occasion. Eulogy & Poetry Readings Help in choosing appropriate eulogies and popular funeral poetry.

Writing Obituaries

An Obituary will likely serve as the single most important piece of writing that a person can undertake. Summarising a person’s life, loves and personality within a single statement can seem an almost impossible task. However with our considered tips you can take a strategic approach to creating an otherwise far too emotionally charged task.

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