Wings For Love
Wings For Love
  • 1 Myrtle Avenue, Norwich, Norfolk NR8 5DA
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At a time of great sadness it is very comforting to feel that we can let go and believe that we are releasing our loved ones. To take such a wonderful symbol of Love and Peace as the Dove and release it to fly up into the sky, making its way homewards, is like taking the spirit of a loved one and freeing it to journey onwards and upwards. Let us help you to free the spirit of your loved one with our sincere and highly professional service. Single Dove Release A single white dove will be presented in an elegant carrier for a close member of the family to release, either from the box or by hand if they so wish. We will say a few words to explain the special meaning behind this very symbolic act and can read an appropriate verse Single Dove Release from ?70.00* Trinity Dove Release In addition to the single white dove release, we will provide three more birds to be released by other members of the family or close friends. These can either be released from their box or by hand, momentarily before the single dove, to represent the love of the family and friends left behind or the Holy Trinity; to guide the spirit "home" Trinity Dove Release from ?115.00* Flight of Angels As a very special tribute, the release of a single white dove can be preceded by a magnificent display of ten white doves released to represent a flock of Angels sent to guide your loved one to their final resting place. Flight of Angels from ?220.00* These services could be considered as an alternative to giving flowers. Our services can be booked direct or through your Funeral Service provider. We would make all appropriate arrangements with the minister conducting the service. * All costs based on services within 10 mile radius ? extra charge added for further distances.
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