Meaningful funeral tributes & memorials

A personalised approach

If you’re in a quandary about how to organise a floral tribute, rest assured that your funeral florist is always at hand to guide you through the decision-making process; Funeral Florist. Your florist will also liaise with the funeral director regarding the delivery of your tribute to the undertaker, family home or residential address, as appropriate.

Options for floral funeral tributes include:

  • Coffin Sprays: usually chosen by close family or those arranging the funeral, coffin sprays range from the highly formalised double-ended variety, to simple, single-ended informal sprays
  • Wreaths: synonymous with the traditional sympathy tribute, wreaths can be created in any style you choose, from classic to contemporary
  • Posies: a versatile and universally acknowledged type of floral tribute; its circular design is beautiful, simple and aesthetically pleasing
  • Tied Sheaves: offer a truly natural-looking tribute and an increasingly popular option for modern funerals
  • Shaped Floral Arrangements: can be designed in whatever shape you choose, e.g. hearts (symbol of eternal love, often chosen by immediate family), floral letter tributes (also generally sent by those closest to the deceased), teardrops, teddy bears, angels, sports related tributes, cushions, funeral crosses and other religious and cultural symbols, etc
  • Meaningful messages & carefully chosen cards for funeral tributes

    Composing an appropriate message to accompany your floral tribute can be difficult. But, if you focus on a few, simple, yet meaningful words, written from the heart, you won’t go far wrong. Otherwise, a message along the lines of ‘With deepest sympathy from [name]’ will always be appreciated.

    Lasting tributes, memorials & symbols of remembrance

    Arranging a memorial tribute in the days, weeks or months, following the Funeral Ceremony has always been central to the bereavement process; today, this human need to externalise grief is no different and remains a significant part of the modern-day mourning process.

    Personalised remembrance tributes

    Memorial tributes may take many forms. Today, however, we are increasingly choosing a more personalised approach to offering lasting and meaningful funeral tributes and memorials.

    In addition to traditional engraved headstones, plaques and other stone memorials, tributes such as memorial benches, unique sculptures and artwork or planting a tree in memory of a loved one are all ways of personalising a lasting tribute.

    Finally, on a practical note, do bear in mind that before a memorial can be erected in churchyard or cemetery, or a bench or artwork / sculpture, etc., placed in a park or public place, written permission will be required from the appropriate local governing body.



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