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Funeral directors


Funeral directors should act as a reassuring pair of hands during what can be both a tense and emotional period. They will help you in choosing the elements of the funeral, such as:

  • The invitation designs
  • The hearse and immediate family’s car
  • The coffin
  • The choice of flowers*
  • The choice of gravestone and masonry service provider*
  • The reception arrangements*

  • * These are generally outside of the basic packages, and cost up to an average of £2323 in total (BBC 2014).

    For more information on choosing between funeral directors and the types of services that they offer, read our dedicated guide to "Funeral Directors: how to choose the right one?".

    Funeral Director Associations

    Funeral Service Provider Associations are collections of service providers where each member has undergone some form of assessment and met particular criteria. Here’s a list of the main Funeral Service Provider Associations:

  • NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors);
  • SAIF (The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors)
  • BIFD (British Institute of Funeral Directors)
  • Green Funeral Directors Association.

  • Our search directory makes it possible to find all funeral directors in the UK, with the possibility to search to which "Association" the funeral director is associated to.

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