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The majority of the 250+ crematoria in the UK are non-denominational and run by local authorities, although an increasing number of the more recently established crematoria are privately operated.


Cremation is now the most popular form of funeral and can allow a loved one to keep their deceased family member’s or friend’s remains close to them. The practicalities of cremation funerals are not so different from those of a burial, only that you must consider where the service is to be held, and whether this offers an in-house cremation facility, or whether the service and cremation should be held in separate locations.

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Scattering Cremation Ashes: Information & Options

The decision as to where to scatter ashes can be one of the most poignant, however without having specific instructions as to where the deceased wised to have as their final resting place the sheer choice of options can be both confusing, as well as a matter of debate between family members.

Within our guide we talk through these issues and provide guidance on choosing the perfect plan for scattering the ashes of your nearest and dearest.

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