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Delliefure - Strathspey


Delliefure lies within the beautiful Cairngorms National Park, overlooking the March Pool on a bend in the River Spey, famous for its salmon and sea-trout fishing. The wildlife here is world class; Osprey fly and screech overhead, while Golden Eagle hunt the wild uplands; otters swim the river, while red deer and roe deer blend into the woodland; pine martin and red squirrel inhabit the ancient pines. This place really is very special.

The open glade at Delliefure sweeps a gentle curve, bordered by a bank of birch woodland. At the eastern end, the vista opens out to reveal magnificent river views and a sense of space.

Delliefure is divided into seven individual areas: three within clearings in the birch woodland, and four in the open area of the glade, providing a range of places to choose from.

You can purchase plots in a variety of ways as single plots, double plots or in family groups, either paid in full now or by spreading the cost over a period of time, whichever suits you.

The long term objective is for the land to be self-sustaining, easily managed and unchanged; the sensitive management of the burial area will extend the fringes of the existing mature woodland, which is one of the major ecological benefits of this natural burial scheme.

The grass and vegetation in the open areas will be periodically cleared to keep down the sward and undergrowth. Newly created woodland areas will extend the existing wooded borders of the meadow area will be brashed and thinned, as required until it matures and becomes fully established.

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